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Since 1994, we have been a leading commercial plumbing company in the Cleveland metro area. In fact, 247 Local Plumbing was helping residential homeowners throughout the city until recently. If you have ever needed a plumber, referred to a professional plumber or had a broken water heater sent to you, we can help.

247 Local Plumbing

When you contact us for repair work, there is no need to pay a callout fee. We bill the customer for the total cost of the repair. Sometimes there are special circumstances and our technicians will charge additional for their services. These circumstances include but are not limited to, special piping that we may need and damage that has occurred to the original system. The callout fee is simply our charge to complete the service request.

One time about three years ago, a grandmother called to say she had to call an emergency plumber because her daughter’s toilet was plugged. The grandmother told us the daughter was having trouble with a blocked sewer. When we went to visit, we were told the grandmother had never seen the toilet again and there was a small hole in it. She told us her daughter had never called to have anything fixed and that she was afraid that the child might have died from a broken pipe.

When she saw the small hole in her daughter’s toilet, she immediately called Everflo plumbers and asked for assistance. We examined the pipe that the mother had plugged and found out that it was actually a cold line that had backed up due to high pressure from hot water. It turned out that her daughter’s hot water heater had backed up to an old gas line. This particular type of pressure relief valve was rarely replaced and usually suffered from leaks that could cause severe damage to a home.

We highly recommend that whenever anyone needs to find a plumber and a service company, they contact us first. We are happy to assist anyone with any problems they might have with their heating or water heater. We also have highly recommended looking into gas fitters and hot water plumbers if someone in your household needs both services. Any questions you may have, we suggest looking into one of the companies listed below. Our toll free number is listed on our website along with our physical address. Feel free to give us a call anytime.

If you have pipes at your home or business, whether they are commercial or residential, you should consider contacting an Everflo plumber. We are happy to assist you when we have the opportunity to. In fact, we highly recommend looking into a company like Everflo who offers 24-hour emergency service in our area. To learn more about why we are so impressed with Everflo plumbers, feel free to visit our website below.

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